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LR Series - Track Rollers with Cylindrical or crowned outer ring

Ball bearing track rollers are self-retaining, single or double row ball bearings with particularly thick-walled outer rings. In addition to high radial forces, these bearings can also support axial forces in both directions.

The outer rings have a crowned or cylindrical outside surface. Designs with a crowned outside surface are used where they are inclined in relation to the mating track and edge stresses must be avoided.

Ball bearing track rollers are available with an inner ring, with a stud and with a plastic tyre on the outer ring.

DRSLip Seal on the stud sideStandard
RRProtected against corrosion by Corrotect special coatingSpecial design
XCylindrical outside surfaceStandard
2RSLip seals on both sides giving axial sealing actionStandard
2RSRLip seals on both sides giving radial sealing actionStandard
2ZSealing shields on both sidesStandard