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Each skateboard wheel is mounted on its axle via two bearings. With few exceptions, the bearings are the industrial standard "608" size, with a bore of 8 mm, an outer diameter of 22 mm, and a width of 7 mm. These are usually made of steel, though silicon nitride, a high-tech ceramic, is sometimes used. Many skateboard bearings are graded according to the ABEC scale. The scale starts with ABEC1 as the lowest, 3, 5, 7, 9. It is a common misconception that the higher ABECs are better for skateboarding, as the ABEC rating only measures tolerances, which do not necessarily apply to skateboards. The ABEC rating does not determine how fast or how durable a bearing used for skateboarding will be. In particular, the ABEC rating says nothing about how well a bearing handles axial (side-to-side) loads, which are severe in most skateboard applications. Each bearing usually contains 7 steel or ceramic ball bearings, although other configurations are used as well.

We are increasingly being asked by our large customer base of skateboarders and cyclists for ceramic style bearings and we are happy to announce we can offer this to our customers.

The most popular style would be a hybrid style, the bearing has Si3N4 ceramic balls, with stainless steel races. We can also manufacture and supply full ceramic bearings however these are expensive but are of the highest quality.

Since 2010 we have been selling our own brand (EEC Super Ceramics) of 608 2RS Ceramic Hybrid bearings, we have sold a vast amount of sets worldwide and we have nothing but positive testaments from our clients.  There is no need to pay over inflated prices for Bones or other brands, buy direct from the bearings specialists and get a quality product.  You will not be disappointed