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TIMKEN M32 Gearbox Bearings

The M32 gearbox is used in many Vauxhall/Opel applications including Astra H VXR, 1.9 CDTi, 2.0 Turbo, the equivalent Zafira B models, Corsa D models including VXR and SRi Turbo, Astra J, Insignia, Meriva and Mokka . Where poorer quality gearbox oil is used this can often lead to premature bearing wear, causing noise and ultimately gearbox failure. Added to this an incorrectly shimmed gearbox (from new) will also contribute to bearing failure, as the bearings may well be subject to higher load, generating more heat within the box.

Generally the normal process leading to bearing noise or failure is that the oil in the gearbox has got too hot during use. From our own monitoring on track, once the oil gets hot it does not cool down as the heat cannot get way. It is very easy to see temperatures way in excess of 125°C. The only way to cool the gearbox oil temperature is to stop the vehicle for a reasonable length of time to allow the heat to dissipate and the oil to cool down. Once the gearbox oil becomes too hot, it goes out of grade and then no longer protects the internal bearings. With no protection or lubrication, but with continued use, the bearings run dry and get noisy, ultimately causing failure if not dealt with in good time. The worst case scenario is then complete breakdown and serious gearbox damage.

Whilst it is possible to replace just a single gearbox bearing by removing the end case, which may well solve an issue, for peace of mind it is worth replacing all the gearbox bearings at the same time. After all, the other bearings in the gearbox (if left unchanged) have still all covered the same mileage as any failed or failing bearing(s), so it is almost false economy to replace just one bearing and leave the others.

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