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As well as bearings, R&M supply an extensive product range of seals and maintain a large assortment of readily available items in our warehouse in order to respond quickly to the demands of our customers.
We have staff here in Dundee with vast knowledge on sealing products meaning we can offer technical advice and pre/post sales assistance.

Here is a range of sealing products we can offer our customers;

- TTO® Shaft seals - Seals for sliding ball bushing - End covers - Wiper seals for rods - V-ring seals for rotating shafts - Special shaft seals
- GARLOCK® Helicoflex seals for high pressure and for high temperature
- GREENE TWEED® CHEMRAZ® - FLUORAZ® O-Rings for extreme applications
- OT GUMM Antivibrations mounts - Rubber/metal parts for vibration/noise
- OT PACKINGS Elastomer u-packings for hydraulic/pneumatic - Polyurethane packings for hydraulic
- OT RINGS Moulded/hot vulcanized O-rings - Cords for static/dynamic applications - Metal O-rings and C-Rings
- OT PNEUMATIC® Pneumatic packings
- SAINT-GOBAIN® PTFE packings for rotating shafts - PTFE energized packings for high pressure
- VULCAN® FEP encapsulated elastomer O-rings.