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R&M Bearings International Ltd are the sole agents for DUNLOP Bearings, Transmission & Linkages for Scotland - (Central Belt / East Coast & North)

Dunlop is one of Europe's leading manufacturers and international distributors of Bearings, Transmissions and Linkages.
Many of the world's most prestigious original equipment manufacturers in the automotive, agricultural, construction, industrial and motor sport sectors rely on quality Dunlop products.

Dunlop Transmission

V & Wedge Belts
Micro V Belts
Micro V Pulleys
Timing Belts
Timing Belt Pulleys
Roller Chain
Sprockets & Platewheels
Hubs & Adaptors
Taper Lock Bushes
Locking Devices
Motor Bases
Round PU Belting
PU Belting

Dunlop Linkages

Male Rod Ends
Female Rod Ends
Dog Bone Rod Ends
Spherical Ball Bushings
Ball Joints
Clevis Joints